CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray 8ml

CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray 8ml

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CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray 8ml


Your body deserves a break! Our Anti-Stress & Relaxation Oral Spray is designed to calm your body & promote relaxation. Our formulation is infused with a blend of CBD & organic ingredients to help stimulate relaxation in the body & brain, while also helping to dissipate stress. This product is great for those who live an active lifestyle! It helps protect against negative effects on your metabolic, immune, cardiovascular & neurobiological functions. It can also help to treat people struggling with chronic stress & anxiety. Creates a sense of calm focus that helps you better adapt to stress. Perfect size for traveling! Scientifically tested to be safe & effective! Adults spray six (6) sprays into mouth daily as desired. For best results spray under tongue, hold for a few seconds, then swallow.

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CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray 8ml
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 by AJ Linder‎
Stress Relief
Location: United States

Yesterday I took the dmv written test . tests are very stressful for me. I have dyslexia and don't do good on tests. I took my 750 mg oil and stress spray before I got to the dmv and took more stress spray about 10 mins before I took the test. So with prayer , my CBD oil and spray. I was calm , I could think clearly and I passed my test and have a Or state drivers license. Yay.
This is just one of the wonderful benefits CBD Oil offers.

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 by Robin Neeley
Location: TX

Hi guys!!! I want to say a few words about this spray.

I LOVE IT!!! I had tried it before but I didn't know if it worked well because I don't have that much stress so I thought I would try it when I felt anxious. My experiment was going to be when I went to ride my horses!!!

I'm still new to horses and I'm just still afraid I'll fall off. Lolol. I know it sounds silly but I'm afraid if she takes off running I can't hang on.

So I took about 4 sprays before saddling up and by the time I got on I was not anxious AT ALL !!!

I even tried to get her to run!!! Of course she didn't because my anxiety is all in my head but I'm so glad I found something that took that edge off and I didn't feel weird .I really just felt normal!!! It was incredible!!!

I ordered me a backup tonight!!! Can't run out of this gold stuff!!!

 by Jessica Papp
Location: Ontario

Initially, I ordered the 300mg CBD Oil and the anti-stress spray to help with Depression and PTSD. Ever since taking the oil and spray (which is almost a month ago), I haven't experienced a "low" day and haven't had any nightmares.

The next order we had placed was for the 1500mg CBD oil, Energy Blast Spray and the Pain Free-ze Rub. The Energy Blast was for me (being a busy mom of three boys) and the oil and pain rub was going to be for my husband who had separated his shoulder from a snow boarding accident.

Now, since I was 12-13 years old (I am now 26) every month I suffered from my period with horrible cramps, anemia, severe fatigue and pretty well monthly I would pass out. I've been to so many doctors, specialists and an internist to try and fix this and nothing has worked. Usually my 1st and 2nd day of me being on my period would be a complete write-off and I'd have to spend the day in bed or on the couch.

Yesterday, I took the 1500mg CBD oil because in the morning I was so weak and out of it from my period. 15 minutes later I was moving and managed to clean my entire house, did 4 loads of laundry and washed my floors and windowsills. Then after making lunch, I took a few sprays of the Energy Blast spray and got to enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk with my kids. Then came back home and did another 2 loads of laundry. By the end of the day after getting my kids to bed, I did have a very sore lower back. My husband put the pain free-ze rub on it and within minutes the pain was gone.

This morning, I woke up with horrible cramps and my husband was worried I had overdone it the day before. I took more of the 1500mg drops and I feel fantastic! I don't think I've ever had a period in my life where I felt great and functional at the beginning.

I'm blown away! I wasn't even initially taking these products for menstruation. Thanks CTFO for making such amazing products; you are truly helping people.

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