Is CTFO a Scam?

Is CTFO a Scam? Is CBD Oil a Scam? Why should I go with CTFO?

All of these questions had gone through my head prior to giving them a try. (60 day money back guarantee, by the way) With my efforts to assist friends and family with their random cuts, bruises, aches and pains, I still get the same question.  Is CTFO a Scam? I simply say, “Just try it!” It is a simple checkout process, you get to be a distributor for free and you are able to get your money back with the 60 day money back guarantee.  So I say, try it and tell your own story! I have yet to personally have anyone that a CBD Oil product did not help them with an issue they almost gave up on.

Rant over. So, why CTFO?

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The company believes in their product and offers this guarantee because they know it works.  CBD Oil is proven in studies, research and countless testimonials. CTFO brand CBD Oil is of the highest quality and is a very competitive USA brand.  Only catch, you have to pay for the return shipping.  Here is the CTFO Refund Policy.

  • Highest Quality

CTFO CBD Oil is produced in the USA and 3rd party tested.  The CBD Oil Isolate drops contain 0% THC.  The CBD Oil (full spectrum) always contain less than 0.3% THC. 3rd party testing proves this quality. (screenshots and links soon to come)

  • Pricing

CTFO is able to keep their pricing very competitive.  They are able to do this because there are low operational costs because each customer has the opportunity to distribute the product.  The concept is not new (Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Amway, Rodan + Fields, list goes on…)  CTFO is very streamline and simplified by current technology.  Whether it be providing a website for each distributor, to utilizing private Facebook groups for distributor help and support.

So, If a customer so chooses to distribute the product, they will make commission on any sales made, along with any downstream sales.  This can help offset the cost of the product, and also even make you money!

  • Lastly, because it is NOT A SCAM

As testimonials and reviews start coming in, it becomes ever so apparent that CTFO and their products are not a scam.   It is such a great product and an incredible opportunity.  So just like every new company or opportunity, it will continue to be questioned and tested.

Please feel free to check out the links below to view CTFO’s main website, or just look around at this one. I have a feeling you will be able to easily come to your own conclusion.  I highly encourage just to try a product! Just pick one for some ache, pain, or ailment that just bugs you, and nothing ever seems to work!